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Many students and workers like to access games and social websites while they are at school or work.  One of the problems that they run into though is game sites or social networking sites being blocked by network firewalls.  These firewalls will make the websites that a student or worker is attempting to go to completely inaccessible from their school or work.  So how does a student or employee go about finding unblocked games or accessing a blocked website?

First, what are unblocked games and websites?  Unblocked games and websites are web pages on the internet that are not blocked by a school or workplace firewall.  These sites can be accessed by the internet while you are at school or work.  Typically, a site will be blocked if it is a popular site that the school or place of business deems unnecessary to access.  And even if a site has been available on that network for a while it doesn’t mean it will always be unblocked in the future.  A network administrator can block any website very easily by simply adding it to their list of blocked sites on their network.  Once a site is blocked, they typically will not unblock it.

Why are game websites and social websites blocked by schools or workplaces?  There are a variety of reasons.  Primarily these sites are blocked because the school or business does not want their students or employees accessing them because they reduce productivity.  Students may spend too much time playing games and not doing schoolwork, or employees spend too much time on social networking sites and not doing work.  In addition to low productivity, surfing the internet or playing on unblocked game websites can lead to viruses or other network problems that schools and businesses just don’t want to have to deal with.

One way to access unblocked games while at school or work is to simply surf the internet until you find a website that isn’t blocked by the firewall.  This can sometimes be a temporary solution though, since a competent network administrator will notice increased traffic to these sites after a while and may put them on the banned website list.  This forces the user to find another website which starts the search all over again.  As stated earlier, once a website is blocked it will rarely become unblocked.

Another way to get around the firewall is to use a paid proxy service.  Using a paid proxy service typically costs around $5 a month on average.  A user can then use this proxy server, instead of the one at their school or workplace, to access the internet.  This approach typically requires the user to change several simple settings inside their computer’s browser.  However, some networks will have this feature locked down inside the browser, hence making this not an option.  So before paying money for a paid proxy service, make sure to check and see if these settings are accessible on your school or work computer.

Even if you don’t know what a proxy server is, you can still use the option of a paid proxy service.  These websites will typically have instructions on how to use their services.  Changing the proxy server in a browser is very simple and can be accomplished in just a minute or two.  If successful, users then will then be able to play all of the unblocked games online that they want.  They can even use websites like Facebook or Twitter that have been blocked by their school or work firewall.

Always be aware that most schools and workplaces will continue to improve their firewalls and block websites that they see as receiving unnecessary traffic on their network.  Students and workers will need to constantly look for new unblocked games at school and work or be forced to use an outside proxy service to get around these firewalls.  Of course, there is always the option of doing your school work or job, but who wants to do that?


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